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About Us

Pepper & Pope

Pepper & Pope (P&P) is not only a passionate resume writer and being a job application specialist, but we also run employability workshops within schools, communities and with a passionate focus on Aboriginal employment. Working in employment services for 9+ years Bobbie understands the barriers people face when trying to gain employment and bring a holistic approach to her employability workshops helping to break through limiting beliefs, barriers, stereotypes and has the latest breakthrough knowledge on how to gain meaningful employment. 

Bobbie Pepper - Founder

Bobbie Pepper is the Founder of Pepper & Pope and is a proud Aboriginal woman with her family ties in Nowa Nowa, Gippsland Vic but has also been apart on the Taungurung community for 30+ years. Bobbie puts heart and soul into her business and believes that meaningful employment is life-changing, her 10 year vision is the that P&P will be major players in helping to close the Aboriginal employment gap by mentoring, educating and assisting not only Aboriginal people but all Australian's to take the first step into employment or advance in their careers and travels Australia wide to ensure the impact is felt everywhere. 

Australian Statistics

The unemployment rate in Australia is above 5% (updated monthly) and has not been below this since 2011 except in Jan 2019 when it dropped to 4.9% for the month. Where are we going wrong? 

Then we have the Australians who are working but not satisfied, most surveys conducted say 6 out of 10 people are not happy in their current job. That is 60% of the workforce spending 45.83% a day (8-hour workday,1 hour travel each way and 1 hour to get ready in the morning) unfulfilled, feeling stuck and considering you need to sleep, this means you spend more time at work than at home with your family, spending time with friends and everything else that fulfils your life! Let Pepper & Pope help you advance and/or move into more appropriate employment that helps you spring out of bed in the morning with drive and purpose! Live a more positive life today.